Agricultural Fence - Wire Fence - 12 1/2 Gauge Standard Field Fence

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Wire Type Length
per roll
per roll
11/55/6 330′ 213 lbs
10/47/6 330′ 189 lbs
9/39/6 330′ 168 lbs
8/32/6 330′ 148 lbs
7/26/6 330′ 128 lbs
Order Nomenclature: The first two numbers indicate the number of horizontal wires, while the second two numbers indicate the height of the fence. The last number is the distance between vertical stays.

(Eg. 11/55/6 is a roll with 11 horizontal wires, is 55″ high, with vertical stays 6″ apart.)


  • Top and bottom line wires: 10 gauge standard tensile
  • Intermediate stay wires: 12-½ gauge standard tensile
  • Intermediate line wires: 12-½ gauge standard tensile
  • Roll length: 330′, Stay wire spacing: 6″