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Phoenix Fence offers a wide variety of in ground loops, from preformed trenched in loops for driveways yet to be poured or gravel driveways, all the way to sawcut loops that can be installed into asphalt or concrete driveways. Loops can be used with any gate operator application. Loops are used for free exit and safety on a gate application.


Loops are essentially metal detectors that will detect a vehicle that is driving over top of it, being that loops are metal detectors they are generally installed about 6′ off of each side of the gate. The loop on the inside of the gate will act as a free exit device, this means that the vehicle can drive up to the gate and it will open allowing them to exit. The loop on the other side of the gate will act as the safety loop, this will allow the vehicle to exit the path of the gate while still being detected by the loop, and this ensures that the gate will not close with any vehicle in the way.

For more information about loops please contact the Phoenix Fence gate operator department.