Electric Bear Fence

Phoenix Fence has taken the development of Wildlife Fence one step further with our Electrified Fence System that provides reliable security from bears and wolves. This system is based on specially designed standoffs supports, electrical insulators, heavy gauge conduction wire and an electrical supply system all of which are integrated onto one of our Wildlife Fence Systems. This combination provides both a physical barrier and electrification protection from all wildlife types. We have implemented several installations throughout Northern Alberta with great success. Contact your Phoenix Fence Industrial Sales for further information.

Wildlife Fencing

With the significant growth of remote industrial plants and camp operations, secure protection from wildlife such as deer, moose and elk is of growing demand. Phoenix has developed and proven a line of safe, functional and rugged Wildlife Fence Systems. They are based on either a modified Chain Link Fence system or modified Game Fence System (on galvanized steel posts). Heights range from 6 to 8 feet high and optional three strand barbed wire is available. We have implemented several installations throughout Northern Alberta with great success. Contact your Phoenix Fence Industrial Sales representative for further information.

Professionally Installed

Phoenix provides professional installation throughout Alberta. We have specific installation teams tailored to efficiently and safely accommodate the uniqueness of each industry: heavy industrial, commercial and residential.

Phoenix offers year round bear fence installation on all commercial and industrial sites, to ensure that your site is ready for the spring wildlife.

Phoenix has been manufacturing and installing bear fence for 15+ years. Phoenix has designed and continuously improved our electric fence throughout the years and have developed different designs and styles that tailor to each specific site that we work on.