Photo Eyes/Sensing Edge

LMTBUL/LMRRUL Liftmaster Monitored Photo Eyes

The LMTBUL (Emitter/Receiver photo eye) and the LMRRUL (Retro Reflective photo eye) are the new Liftmaster monitored safety photo eyes that comply with the UL325 safety code and are required on all new Liftmaster gate operator installs. The eyes are monitored and send a signal to the board of the operator to allow the operator to function at a full capacity.



***Note all new Liftmaster gate operators require a monitored safety device to be hooked up***

Liftmaster Wireless Monitored Sensing Edge

Liftmaster offers a Monitored Resistive Wireless Edge Kit (LMWEKITU) that is a UL325 compliant system providing superior features ensuring all your gate applications entrapment zones are safe and protective.

IRB-4X Emitter/Receiver Photo Eye

The IRB-4X infrared photo eye is used as a safety device in conjunction with automatic gate operators. The IRB-4X will work with any control board that accepts dry contact on the input. The IRB-4X shoots a beam across your entrance that will tell the gate to stop when the beam is broken by a vehicle.


  • IRB-4X will reach ranges between 25′-115′
  • Operating temperature rated for -40 degrees Celsius
  • Power indicator LEDs
  • The through beam design is not affected by shiny surfaces
  • 12-24volts AC or DC power

NIR-50 Reflective Photo Eye

The NIR-50 is a reflective photo eye is an easy to install lower range photo eye, good for those residential applications or applications that power cannot be on both sides of the gate. The NIR-50 photo eye uses an emitter to shoot a beam across the gate opening and uses a reflector to shoot said beam back to complete your entrance safety.


  • Flexible voltage 12-240 Volts DC, 24-240 Volts AC
  • Watertight Package for reliable outdoor installation
  • 2 LED indicators
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Optional protective hood available
  • Bracket and mounting hardware are included