Vinyl Fence & Deck Railing

Phoenix Fence manufactures, distributes and professionally installs PVC or Vinyl Fence in various colors, heights and specifications for Residential and Commercial applications.

Vinyl Fence is a mature and proven fence system that is the modern alternative to wood. It combines the style, privacy and aesthetics of wood with the technology and durability of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride is similarly used in most residential window frames and siding).

Phoenix fabricates several styles including Full Privacy (Sentry), Privacy with Picket Accent Top (Estate), Privacy with Lattice Accent Top (Manor), Semi Privacy, Picket and 3-Rail Ranch. Fence systems are available in five colors and heights ranging from 4′ to 12′. Standard residential and heavy commercial specifications are available as well as single and double swing gates for openings up to 16′.

All raw vinyl components (extrusions) are designed, engineered and manufactured by industry leading PVC extruders to the highest level of strength and durability to ensure long-lasting value and performance. Phoenix Vinyl Fence products have a lifetime warranty, against defects in materials and workmanship (chalking, fading, cracking, discoloration etc). Phoenix manufactures Vinyl Fence systems for either method of installation; Traditional “Dig & Pour” or “Post Mounting” (the preferred choice of contractors). Refer to Installation Manuals for specific details.

Similar to fencing, Deck Hand/Stair Railing is shifting from traditional wood construction to Vinyl (PVC).  Phoenix offers two styles of Vinyl (PVC) Hand and Stair Rail available in pre-packaged sections. All Deck Rail systems carry a lifetime warranty.