The 891LM remote features security+ 2.0 technology which makes it one of our most versatile remote. The 891LM is compatible with every Gate Operator that Phoenix Fence currently stocks. It however is not compatible with older models. With Security+ 2.0 users are assured a new code with every use.


The 890MAX is a small but powerful remote, it fits nicely in purses, pockets, or on keychains and can control up to 3 Liftmaster gate openers or garage door openers. The 890MAX is compatible with all Liftmaster Gate openers and Garage door openers manufactured since January 1993, this makes the 890MAX remote the most versatile remote that Phoenix Fence carries.


Compatible with all Liftmaster Gate Openers from 2006-2014. If you have an older gate operator than this is the remote for you. With Security + 315 MHz rolling code technology, users are assured of a new code with every use.

***Phoenix fence does carry and stock a wider variety of remotes, these are just our 3 most popular models, if you would like to inquire about or different products please contact us.***