Child and Forced Labour Policy

Child/Forced Labour Policy
Phoenix Fence Corp (“Phoenix” or “the Company”) endeavours to provide a conducive working
environment that is characterized by equality and mutual respect. Phoenix will not tolerate the use
of child or forced labour, nor exploitation of children in any of its global operations and facilities.
Phoenix is committed to compliance with social standards and requires the same level of
commitment from its suppliers. These standards set out the basic rights of employees and
guidelines for environmental stewardship based on internationally recognized standards.
Child labour, as defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention is “work by
children under the age of 12; work by children under the age of 15 that prevents school attendance;
and work by children under the age of 18 that is hazardous to the physical or mental health of the
– Work that is mentally, physically, socially, or morally dangerous and harmful
– Work that fails to consider compulsory schooling
– Work that prevents children from attending school
– Work that makes it necessary for children to leave school prematurely
– Work that requires children to combine school attendance with long hours and heavy work
In the conduct of its business, Phoenix:
– Will not employ children that fall into the definition as stipulated by the ILO Convention,
notwithstanding any national law or local regulation.
– Will comply with all other applicable child labour laws, including those related to wages, hours
worked, overtime and working conditions.
– Is against all forms of exploitation of children. The Company does not provide employment to
children before they have reached the legal age to have completed their compulsory education,
as defined by the relevant authorities.
– Expects its business partners and associates to have and uphold similar standards and abide by
country-governing laws in the countries wherein they operate. Should violation of these
principles become known to Phoenix and not be remediated, Phoenix will take serious action,
including discontinuation of the business relationship.
– It is the responsibility of local management and the Phoenix Executive Team to implement and
ensure compliance with this policy at all Phoenix operations and facilities.

This policy is to be included in the Company’s onboarding presentation to all new employees.