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Snow, Safety & Barrier Fence

Snow, Safety & Barrier Fence:

iStock_000002816513Medium.jpgPhoenix is Western Canada's leading stocking distributor of Warning Barrier, Safety and Snow Fence with complete line of all styles inventoried in Edmonton and Calgary. All products are manufactured from HDPE (high density poly ethylene) in "international orange color" for long lasting durability and high visibility. These barrier fence products are very economical and simple to install on T-Bar Posts (available through Phoenix). Commonly used in temporary barrier applications including: dangerous or restricted areas, construction sites, course markings, event crowd control, snow control along highways etc.

Snow Fence • SF

  • stronger than competitive non-oriented fences
  • engineered to control drifting snow and sand
  • used extensively for highway, driveways, ski areas and winter trails
  • provides 50% shade for greenhouse applications

Winter Barrier Fence • FYT

  • controls snow and acts as a safety barrier
  • the 'international orange' is highly visible
  • light weight and durable for easy handling
  • acts as a temporary or permanent barrier for all your backyard needs
  • flat oval grid design

Barrier Fence • DUW - DLW

  • provides a barrier around dangerous or restricted areas
  • the 'international orange' colour is highly visible and accepted world-wide
  • used at construction, excavation and demolition sites
  • povides course markings and crowd control at sporting events and parades
  • deters trespassers
  • provides an enclosed play area for children and pets
  • will not rust or corrode

Warning Barrier Fence • WB - SL

  • Provides a barrier around dangerous or restricted areas for use at construction, excavation and demolition sites
  • The "international" orange is highly visible and accepted worldwide


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