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Vertical Pivot Gates

Commercial/Industrial/Residential Pivot Gate

The Vertical Pivot Gate will operate in all weather conditions, including extreme cold and snow. This makes it a very reliable security measure for your home, business, or industrial site. Gates can be custom manufactured in lengths up to 20' in steel and 24' in aluminum. With an anti-climb design and all models have open and close cycles that range from 10-12 second, this makes the Vertical Pivot Gate one of the leading entrance security measures.

 VPL Picture


-          Meets UL 325 Specifications

-          Stand-alone system

-          24 VDC reserve power, can do up to 1000+ cycles from fully charged batteries

-          Rust and Corrosion resistant

-          Low maintenance



Note:The Vertical Pivot gate is a special order gate operator, please call a Phoenix Fence Gate Operator personnel for more information.