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LA400 Swing Gate Operator

LA400 Residential Operator

The LA400 is Phoenix Fence's most popular swing gate operator. The LA400 is a very reliable residential swing gate operator, perfect for your home or business. The LA400 is rated to move a gate that weighs as much as 800lbs and comes with a battery backup just in case the power goes out you can still get into the gate.



-          The battery backup provides up to 400 cycles or 97 days of standby power when the power is out.

-          Soft start/stop operation.

-          Wormgear reduction precision machined all metal gear.

-          Electronic limit setting.

-          2-digit LED diagnostic display.

-          2 auxiliary power outlets.

-          Party Pass (selectable hold open feature)



-          Security+ 2.0 Technology:

Virtually eliminates interference and offers up to 2x the range of standard remote controls so you can access your facility quickly and safely.

-          3-channel receiver - OPEN/CLOSE/STOP.

-          Compatible with HOMELINK version 4 and higher.

-          Receiver stores up to 50 remote controls.

-          Fire Department compliance-Auto open on AC fail or Battery depletion.

-          Bi-Part delay.

-          Synchronized close.

-          Keyed manual disconnect.

-          Timer-to-Close

-          UL/cUL listed, tested to the most stringent industry guidelines. 


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