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SL595U Slide Gate Operator

Commercial/Industrial Slide Gate Operator

The SL595U gate operator is a heavy duty very reliable slide gate operator. The powerful design allows the SL595U to haul gates up to 2500lbs! The SL595U comes with a fully enclosed NEMA 3R rated, oil tight, weatherproof, lockable cabinet and a high-starting continuous duty torque motor to ensure that it will perform in all conditions. The SL595U comes with a heater that allows the gate operator to work in all climates. 



The SL595U gate operator we stock come in a variety of voltages.                  

-          115v 1Phase

-          230v 1Phase

-          208v 3Phase

-          460v 3Phase

-          575v 3Phase



-          Heavy Duty wormgear-in-oil gear reducer.

-          Adjustable friction clutch system.

-          Weather-resistant lockable case.

-          Large Control Box

-          Large accessory tray.

-          Universal footprint.          

-          Advanced dual gate operation, simple 2-wire connection.

-          Integrated 3-button control station.

-          Industrial size 0 across-the-line magnetic reversing contactor.

-          Timer-to-close (0-180 seconds)

-          Post mount.

-          #50 nickel plated chain, 25' pack.




-          Security+ 2.0 Technology:

Virtually eliminates interference and offers up to 2x the range of standard remote controls so you can access your facility quickly and safely.

-          MY-Q Compatible for cell phone use.

-          Remote Receiver built right into the board for easy prgramming.

-          3-channel receiver- OPEN/CLOSE/STOP         

-          Receiver stores up to 90 remotes.

-          UL 325 compliant entrapment alarm with external reset button.

-          Selectable gate movement warning alarm.

-          Manual disconnect.

-          Adjustable inherent entrapment protection system.

-          Automatic braking system.

-          Integrated Maglock controls.

-          Interrupt and Exit loop inputs.

-          UL 325 compliant for Classes I, II, III and IV


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