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KPW5/KPW250 Liftmaster Wireless Keypad 

The KPW wireless keypads are designed to work exclusivley with Security + 2.0. With respect to the numbers 5 and 250 that is the number of codes each keypad can hold, along with the permanent codes the KPW series keypads can hold a temporary code that can be used between 1-9 times and it will erase the code on its own. 

KPW5 PictureKPW250 Picture

KPW5 Left                                                                                                KPW250 Right




-          The AK-11 is an exterior keypad designed for digital keyless entry for access control applications. The AK-11 keypad is Phoenix Fence's most popular keypad. The AK-11 keypad is housed in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure that can be directly mounted to a pedestal or bolted directly to the wall. The AK-11 can hold up to 480 entry codes from 1-6 digits in length.



-          Self-contained keyless entry system ideal for all commercial and residential needs.

-          Up to 480 programmable input codes.

-          Two LED indicators show system status.

-          Tactile and audible feedback.

-          Keylock secures keypad to mounting back plate

-          4"W x 5.5"H x 3"D

-          Is powered from 12-24 Volt AC or DC source.

Gooseneck Pedestal (GNC-1):


-          The GNC-1 Gooseneck post is perfect for easy installation of keypads and other access control products and for the convenient use of these devices from a vehicle. The GNC-1 is a curb mount model that includes a base plate with extra-large 5/8'' holes to accommodate lag bolts to anchor.

-          Phoenix Fence also offers a 3' post with a baseplate on it so that the GNC-1 can be cemented in the ground as well.